Thursday, May 14, 2020

A Bird in the Hanad

A Bird in the Hand

Several years ago I was at the University of Washington Quad to see the cherry blossoms.  They truly are an amazing sight.  While sitting on a bench I heard a crow.  Since I am a fan of crows I had to investigate and found that a pair of crows were building a nest in one of the trees.  I was fascinated how they worked so diligently flying about to find the right twig for the building of their nest that I am sure went on for hours.  I was inspired by their drive to get the job done.  It signals that life does go on.  The majority of people in our world are trying to do the best we can during this difficult pandemic.  Life certainly is different right now.  Some form of normalcy will return.  There will be differences.  We can’t let the fringe dictate.  Like the crows we know what needs to be done.  Hold tight America.


jacki long said...

Great story and analogy, John, and the cardis strong too.

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Appreciate your words and the life is a puzzle background, the three crosses to me represent medicine, science and wisdom.
The bird equals hope! Thanks john

julia said...

Yes, indeed...we must hold tight..and make art! And watching birds building a nest too..it’s like planting seeds..an expectation that the future will be there..