Saturday, May 9, 2020


Have you been on YouTube to see any of Leslie Jordan’s short videos?  He is a hoot!  He was first hunker-downed in Chattanooga, TN but magically went home to Los Angles.  He does a video daily and has over 3 million followers the last time I looked.

I actually saw one of these respirators on a woman at the grocery store.  I will just wear the mask that a friend made me, thank you.  I actually have three now.  Thank you Elsa, Jan, and Julia.  I have seen some pretty amazing masks on Facebook.  I love it that so many people are making them.  It is kind of like rolling bandages during the war.


jacki long said...

Good one, John. I love the analogy of rolling bandages.

Robert said...

Great background colors and textures contrasting with the off-white simplicity of the masked figure. Very timely piece!