Monday, January 6, 2020

Yet another Clamshell Box

Clamshell Box  ( I’ve stopped counting) -front cover

Clamshell Box - open

Clamshell Box - open flat
I must be at 20 or so clamshell boxes.  Now that I have given several away I have lost count.  I suppose I could resurrect the total if I thought a bit.  No matter, it is a lot of them and I am not tired of making them either.  I can slow down now because this box has zero mistakes.  I finally got the process of adding the niche down.  I have now completed my 95 book towards my goal of 365 in one year.  I have until May 1 to finish those remaining.  I can easily do it especially if I make one a day and some days none as there are well over 95 days until May 1.


jacki long said...

These are beautiful, John.
Your craftsmanship is amazing.
I look forward to more. ;o)

julia said...

Well, as usual...greedy-guts me wants to see a photo when they are all done, and in a nice stack! They are fabulous! Love the little niche.

Cate Rose said...

You continue to amaze me! I adore that spotted paper 😍😍.