Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Empty Book with Japanese Stab Binding

Japanese Stab Binding

80 books to go toward my goal of 365 in as many days.  When I started 80 seemed like a lot of books and it is.  Now that I am heading toward the end of this pursuit it still seems like many but not as many as 365 was when I began.

As I plan for Newport and the workshop on how to make Japanese stab bound books I had only planned on creating soft covers in the workshop.  Then I though OK why not do a hard cover one.  So now I am thinking that is the route to go.  I had made hardcover books in this style before but it has been awhile.  The hard part of making the hard cover is punching the holes for sewing.  So I might simplify the binding and the size of what we do in Newport.  This one sure was fun to make.


jacki long said...

It is so beautiful and elegant, John.

julia said...

And would this be more of your mother’s fabric stash? Very nice!