Thursday, January 2, 2020

January APCs - 10, 11, 12

January APCs - 10, 11, 12

These are the last of the series of APCs for January.  They might be the quickest and easiest ones I have ever done.  I wanted to challenge myself to make something that looked good but did not take forever to create.  Some of my APCs and ATCs have been more involved and taken a huge amount of time.  Basically there are only five to six elements in these......substrate, playing card; napkin; semi-circle; focal image; and Stablio woodies.  Oh yeah, teabags over the semi-circle.  Maybe they aren’t so simple! :-)


jacki long said...

I like how they relate but are different.
Hope 2020 rolled in well. take good care.

julia said...

Hi john, my comments have not been posting and not sure why! But have enjoyed this ATC series...lucky recipients!
I enjoyed hearing about the process and the elements...it gives me a much better appreciation of what i am observing, when i can look for the layers and understand!