Thursday, January 16, 2020

Folded Paper Collage 01

Folded Paper Collage 01

Today I decided to do some more folded paper collages.  I have not done them for awhile.  You can see past ones on the header of this blog...at least they are there right now.  The only criteria for these collages is that somewhere in the collage there has to be a piece of folded paper.

Partial View of 01

As I was copying the image 01 into PhotoShop I accidently used the 300 dpi version into a smaller PhotoShop page.  This is what transpired.  I like it a lot and it fits into the theme of Words and Pictures which is the theme for the 2020 year long workshop hosted and taught by Carla Sonheim.  Making these collages is not part of the workshop but I am inspired and have gone on my own a bit here.  You could say this version is a cropped version of my original.


jacki long said...

Love them both, butthe second is so dynamic? ;o)

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Yes to both! Be interesting to use them together somehow ...like in the ZOOM book