Friday, January 10, 2020

Encaustic Japanese Stab Bound Book

Japanese Stab Bound Book with Encaustic Cover

Now that I have so many encaustic papers which I made on a hot box I want to use them and here is one of the uses, a Japanese stab bound book.  I adhered the encaustic paper to a sheet of watercolor paper using PVA glue.  Not sure if I will continue using PVA or not for adherence.  I am trying different techniques to see what I like best.  It seemed to work but time will tell after a bit of wear and tear.  I did try it on a small piece of watercolor paper and the encaustic started to peel off.  So I might be back to square one on what glue to use.


jacki long said...

Lovely, so rich and I love your bindings. Envy actually.

julia said...

Hi john, this is simply exquisite! I’ve been cutting my encaustic papers up for collage; and have framed and few pieces..did not think of binding a book!
I think i mentioned that the only way i can get encaustic pieces to adhere is with a glue stick.
What did you use for your paper with the wax?

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Aleene’s Tacky glue or YES paste?

Also, curious about the paper type.
It is gorgeous.

tgarrett said...

I am so curious about the process- it sure made for a beautiful cover.