Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Folded Paper Collage 07

Folded Paper Collage 07
Folded Paper Collage 07 - enlarged and cropped

I love the hair color on this comic character.  The hatch work hair is great, too.  I have to figure out a process for getting the images to not distort as they are enlarged.  The original collage is only about 2.5 x 3 inches.  So enlarging to a much larger size like 9 x 11 is going to have distortion I think.  Perhaps I can get a larger image via PhotoShop if I scan the original at a high resolution.  I have done that before but there is distortion.  I will try again.

I was asked if yesterday’s focal image, cartoon character, was holding an ice bag.  I think so because he looks like he was in a fight.


jacki long said...

I so look forward to each day and your new post, all outstanding.

julia said...

I was so surprised to read that the originals are only 2.5x3, john. Are they part of an ATC series? And i agree with you. The enlargements, with parts cropped out are surprising and interesting in their own right...