Wednesday, January 8, 2020

22 and Counting

22 and Counting

Yesterday I was asked to upload an image of all my Clamshell Boxes.  I could not photograph them all as many have been given away as gifts but here are 13 or the 14 that I still have.  What I did do is make a list and the total is 22 and counting.

This morning I made a Japanese stab bound book.  91 to go to 365.


jacki long said...

Must be fun to be you!

julia said...

I am gasping to see them stacked up like that john! It’s a thrill! And i’m just imagining what it must be like to visit your studio and see stacks of hand made books, clamshell boxes and collages....i have a huge smile on my face...your imagination runs wild!
With the ATC’s and various other exchanges that you do, you must need a separate space for everything you receive too...can one ever have too much art? Or make too much?