Thursday, January 30, 2020

Stamp Series 01

Stamp Series 01

I am a member of a book arts group that meets once monthly in Edmonds, Washington.  We had a holiday gift exchange earlier this month as our regular meeting date was a holiday.  We were tasked to provide a gift for the exchange that dealt with the number 13.  13 because it is 13 days from December 25th to Orthodox Christmas.  We were having our party in January.

So I made a clamshell box.  Inside the box was a completed postcard and 12 additional unfinished postcards.  Once the “winner” of my gift was determined I could then send that person a postcard each month in 2020 plus one.  This is one of the postcards that will be going to this person very soon.


Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

What a creative gift idea.

I couldn’t t help thinking that there would be an enlargement of part of this like the series you had just posted with blown up sections!

jacki long said...

WOw what a great gift, he or she must have been thrilled!