Monday, November 25, 2019

Manzanita 09

Manzanita 09

This piece seems very calming to me.  Is it the colors?  Is it the pansy?  Maybe it is the total composition.  It just works for me.

The pansy comes from a handkerchief that I found at a garage sale.  Cutting them out proved to be a bit of a challenge.  Problem solved with a combination of cutting the cloth with both scissors and a breakaway utility knife.


jacki long said...

I agree with you, John. Very comforting, pleasing like a treasured quilt.

Bea said...

You have great ideas...cutting an image from a hankie.

Paula Guhin said...

I love your header triad even better! Sooo cool!Find me on blogspot too!

anonymous said...

Cutting floppy material for applique in patchwork can be made easier if it is ironed onto a bonding web 'fabric'. Then you can fuse it to your background after cutting! Maybe this would work for you? cr

julia said...

Ah!! Al becomes clear...i had thought the pansies were from a set of paper napkins...the fabric must be a wonderful addition in “real life” ..and i can well imagine the challenge of cutting it...great suggestion from anonymous!
Hope you are feeling better, john.