Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Manzanita 04

Manzanita 04
Yesterday I attended the NW Collage Society membership meeting.  There was a guest speaker, Joe Rudko.  He uses photograph pieces in his works.  He was very inspiring and refreshing.  I want to learn more about his work.  http://www.joerudko.com/

I am not into anything that might have to do with weapons but I do like target images.  I have been collecting them from many different online sources over the years.  I like how the black unifies this piece.  In several works in this series I have been taking a human image and removing it from its original setting, replacing it into a new “environment”.


jacki long said...

I love the movement and the three targets, well done John!

Robert said...

Black, beige and rust! Three colors that really work well together in this piece, John! Yes! Joe Rudko was very inspiring. I loved his attitudes of “just begin something and see what happens” and “there are no mistakes”: two concepts that work extremely well with the “intuitive” process of art making that I tend to prefer.

tgarrett said...

Wonderful piece John- I love targets as well and go through times where I have used them a lot. The process Robert described Joe Rudko talking about is what I love to do. I love working that way as I know you and Robert do.