Saturday, November 30, 2019

Teabag Series 01 and 02

Teabag Series 01

Teabag Series 02

I started this series with teabags that I had adhered together with matte medium.  I then added Japanese ledger paper underneath the tea bag pieces.  As you can see the teabags were transparent.  I used Stablio Woodies, acrylic dendrites, stamps, vintage photographs, stamps, and stitchery in each piece.  I will talk more about the process in future blog entries.

The series started out as a series of 25 which really became 30 or 31, I may have miscounted.  I made the series to send to Germany for an art exchange.  I liked the series so much that I did not want to part with the collages.  So what to do.  The thought of making 25 more seemed a bit much.  An art friend suggested making ten more and then decide which to keep and which to send.  Well, I made  25 more so the series actually has 55 or 56 collages.  My plan is to select the 25 to keep and the rest can depart for Europe soon.  I want to make a clamshell box for the 25 that I keep.


Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Hey, these are fabulous.
How large are they? What is the substrate?
On top of that you put the Japanese? Then the tea bags?
Look forward to learning more.

anonymous said...

Colours look super rich. cr