Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Manzanita 03

Manzanita 03

You probably can not tell it but the Chinese character on the right is actually two pieces of ephemera. They look like they should have been together all along.  I have not used napkins for a long time but I did in this piece, note the background greens.  This piece actually puts Japanese and Chinese characters together making it, perhaps, operatic.  


jacki long said...

I remember that napkin, from your workshop at Lisa's.
Love her expression and posture, so typical.

julia said...

John, confession time! I was admiring this one and thinking how smart you were to select the orange border to set off the green. Then a little voice suggested that you often use an orange border on your work...so i had a stroll thru your whole blog!...imagine that it has taken me this long to see that you always use the orange border. It seems to go with everything so perfectly that it’s taken me over 2 years of looking daily to notice that!
In any case, i love everything about this collage. And it was certainly fun to go back and look thru your blog, which is stunning to see as a body of work.