Thursday, November 7, 2019

Muse Mail Postcards 2019 - 03

Muse Mail Postcards 2019 - 03

This guy looks piratety to me.  High ho!  Walk the plank and all that!  I guess he does have barbells though.  So I must be way off on the pirate thing.

I have been in Manzanita, Oregon for a few days.  Sad to leave but found a great house to rent next time, too.  The Creative Gents are planning a visit in the fall 2020 for my 70th birthday.

Once a trip is over I wish I could just beam myself home and not have to drive five or six hours.


jacki long said...

Great colors and movement, John! ;o)

anonymous said...

Fascinating that the pirate's thumb is on the wrong side to me! When I draw people from imagination I am always waving my hands about trying to decide which way the joints bend, how the fingers go etc.
I go by bus to the coast to walk and it's 2 hours each way tho' the distance is short so I can understand your wish to be beamed home! Still you have another holiday to look forward to anyway. Stay well for it! cr

Robert said...

I hear you, John! Driving to an event such as this one, you have the anticipation of the evening itself and all you will be doing while there. Coming home, you just want to be home. Maybe some day someone one will develop a portal that will transport you home instantaneously.