Friday, November 15, 2019

Muse Mail Postcards 2019 - 11

Muse Mail Postcards 2019 - 11
This postcard is the last of the 2019 Muse Mail series.  If I ever find my original scans I will post the twelfth one, but for now it is lost somewhere in my image files.  Perhaps I deleted those files.  Not sure.  You know how computers are....they sometimes have a life of their own.  Personification of computers!


jacki long said...

If you meant the guy was the personification of computers, I agee.
He looks like it would end up being done his way?

Robert said...

This guy looks a bit upset that he has become “stuck” in a collage for all eternity! If he were my neighbor, he is NOT the one I would go to borrow a b hammer!!!