Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Muse Mail Postcards 2019 - 01

Muse Mail Postcards 2019 - 01

I belong to a group called Muse Mail.  Each year a project is decided upon and we mail a piece of art to one of the group members each month.  Since there are twelve participants that works out well with the calendar.  I had scanned each of the postcards, this year’s project, when I finished creating my twelve last December.  Do you think I can find them on my computer?  No!  So lucky each postcard was posted by the recipient on our Facebook account.  I was able to reconstruct the images so I can post them on this blog.

One of my postcards was lost in the mail last January or February.  So I sent a different postcard to the recipient so that she would have something.  Guess what, it finally showed up.  For some reason I have only been able to find eleven of the ones sent.  Oh well.

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jacki long said...

I like this one. Trying to keep track of past work is exhausting?