Wednesday, October 23, 2019

San Francisco Postcards 36

San Francisco Postcards 36
No. 36 is the end of the series.  There is one more postcard to share tomorrow, no 8.  I will also share the clamshell box that now houses all the postcards.  I am still reeling over the fact that all postcards finally showed up.

This particular postcard kind of looks like steps to me which creates movement from the left to the right.  My eye goes from the darker paper I made on the left to the bird.  Sometimes they go from the bird first and then just to the handmade papers and back down the “steps”.


jacki long said...

A great series indeed!;o)

Robert said...

I guess the US Postal Service (“nor rain, nor snow, nor dark of night”) is alive and well after all! Excited to see the postcards in their clamshell box!