Sunday, October 27, 2019

Encaustic 03

Encaustic 03

The sheets of paper that we printed on were ample size, 18 x 12 I think.  Near the end of the workshop we took a image mat to look for a composition we liked on our pieces.  Here is what I found for this print.


julia said...

That is exactly what i loved about my own experience with the encaustic workshop, john. We printed onto japanese rice paper. I have enough collage material to last for a very long time! And have framed several of the best. The only thing i have found though, is that i can only use a glue stick with the waxed paper. Water-base does not work at all..

Robert said...

A wonderful composition selection, John! I love the strong verticality of the imagery and the fact that the one black dot in the lower left really draws your eye across the piece and creates a really eye-pleasing asymmetrical balance.