Saturday, October 5, 2019

San Francisco Postcards 18

San Francisco Postcard 18
I was sitting in a theater waiting for the play to begin when I spied a gentleman with a baseball cap.  The US flag was on his cap.  The gentleman was well into his seventies.  A stereotype crept into my head.  I had a whole narrative built around this guy.  After watching him interact with his wife my stereotype continued to grow.  My stereotype revolved around someone who was very politically different than I.  As I watched him I tried to shoot holes in my line of thinking.  It did not work.  Then I got to thinking that no matter what your political bent is you can take ownership of the flag, too.  The flag is owned by all citizens not just those on the political right.

Golden Gate Bridge


jacki long said...

Perfect, we are a patchwork trying to be a quilt.

tgarrett said...

John- I love it when you share as you often do the narrative you have about your collages. I am guilty of judging people based on certain things- it is a shame that somehow it seems the American flag is now associated with the far right. I am glad you took it back in this collage. Well done!