Sunday, October 13, 2019

San Francisco Postcards 26

San Francisco Postcards 26
Yesterday might have been the best day of the whole trip to SF.  Irene and I took a class at the SF Center for Book Arts and we started making clamshell boxes for books.  OMG!  It was fantastic!  Then we went to dinner at a restaurant that got a James Beard Award for the best drinks this year.  Pretty amazing I must say.  Pretty expensive I must say.  Most adorable server though.  Then we went to a jazz club and listened to music that was not jazz.  Just plain fun day!


jacki long said...

Incan just picture you two! So happy for you to have fun together in SF

Robert said...

Love the (obviously ancient) piece of ephemera in the upper right hand corner of this postcard that says “Rip no. SRoman” in beautiful script that also has the sequence of printed numbers angling down. Visually delicious!!! Glad you had such great day!