Monday, October 21, 2019

San Francisco Postcards 35

San Francisco Postcards 35
I am going out of order with no. 35 today and will catch up with no. 34 tomorrow or the next day.  I found that I had not photographed no. 34 yet.  Not sure why????

I mentioned that all but one of my 36 postcards had arrived.  No. 21 arrived today.  I wonder about such things.  I mailed each postcard as I finished them.  So 15 postcards were mailed after no. 21 and they all got here before it.  Where or where was no. 21?  I will never know.  So we can make up whatever story we like.  No. 21 had a mind of its own.  Now all 36 are housed in my clamshell box that I made in SF.  Nice to have them all together and home.


jacki long said...

A great series John, and great comments.

julia said...

Yes, the mysteries of the universe...and the postal system! I am glad you have them all now, john..and hope you will be posting a photo of them, all together, for the first time..in your clamshell box..what an excellent way to remember your trip!

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Can’t wait to see that clam shell!

Robert said...

Mystery of mysteries! It just goes to show that MANY aspects of life on earth are just one enigma after another!
Would love to see the postcards nestled in their clamshell box. I would hazard a guess that viewing the postcards in the order that you created them REALLY brings back specific memories of your many adventures in SF!

anonymous said...

Amazing sounding trip. Have so enjoyed the cards. Where are you off to next I wonder.