Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Clown 9.2 - Round Robin Exchange

Clown 9.2 - Round Robin Exchange
Today I worked on another 6 x 6.  I was done with the series but since I had to send off the twelfth one due to postal issues.....the piece disappearing into the great postal void.....I did not have one for myself.  It will be kind of interesting for me to compare it to all the others when it is done.  I imagine it will look like it was created twelve months later than the others in the series.  You will know in a few days.

I am blogging from the mall.  Tim is shopping and since I really dislike shopping I am sitting looking at emails, blogs, and people watching.  It is actually fun seeing people walk by.  I love to people watch.  Most of what I see going on is pretty normal shopping.  There was one couple having an argument.  I moved so I did not have to listen to it.

Brian Dettmer: Old books reborn as intricate art

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