Saturday, December 1, 2018

Clown 1.1 - Round Robin Exchange

Clown 1.1 - Round Robin Exchange
There is a group of artists who have over the years exchanged art.  Sometimes the art is completed as postcards, sometimes we do 6 x 6, but we are always evolving in our art.  In 2018 we decided to create 6 x 6 cards on 140 pound paper.  There are twelve of us in the exchange and so I did both sides of the 6 x 6 for my work.  One of my pieces got lost in the mail and so I created an additional piece, back to back, for the lost one.  Usually the works arrive at their destinations but there have been stories of other things happening.  I will relate one of them in the near future.

Behind the Scenes of Wicked: Creativity in Set Design

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jacki long said...

Thia is wonderful John, lucky whoever got it! ;o)