Thursday, December 20, 2018

Clown 11.1 - Round Robin Exchange

Clown 11.1 - Round Robin Exchange
I could spend hours upon hours searching for ephemera.  I have more than I need already but I still like the search.  Searching online or searching in antique stores, that is just plain fun for me!  I suppose one could call me an ephemera hoarder.  However, I am organizing it and it is a lot easier now to find what I need from what I already have.


Time Lapse Video - Book Art Sculpture


jacki long said...

What a wonderful composition, John!
A terrific series, but I have said that before.

julia said...

I love this one john! ‘Course, they have all been terrific....do tell us sometime how one searches online for ephemera!

Claudia MB said...

I would love to know how you're organizing your ephemera! Unless it's a trade secret!!!