Saturday, December 22, 2018

Clown 11.2 - Round Robin Exchange

Clown 11.2 - Round Robin Exchange

This piece makes me smile.  I was never able to stand on my hands like this.  When I watch gymnastics during the Olympics I am envious.  At least I can enjoy what I can not do.


Top 10: Flipbooks (oddly satisfying)...compilation volume 1


jacki long said...

Love the variety of the clowns and colors.
I liked the flip-book video too, thank John!

carole sauter said...

Hi john, it’s Carole Sauter. I’m enjoying your posts and your art. I keep hoping I’ll run into you but not so far. I see where you are teaching at Newport this year. I’m going to art and soul in March. Maybe I’ll see you there. Oh, and LOJ is the first of May. Get ahold of Sue Gruhn if you are interested in that. Actually, check out write on calligraphers on line. Happy new year to you and Tim. Carole

Michele R. Unger said...

I am not usually fond of clowns but these are adorable. Well done, sir!