Thursday, December 27, 2018

Clown 14.1 - Round Robin Series

I guess I can not do the math.  There were twelve people in the exchange including me.  One piece got lost in the mail so I sent out mine after months of hoping that it would be found.  Then I made one more that you see here.  The should have made a total of thirteen.  However, I have fourteen!  Is that what they use to call new math?

Guess what?  I finally found the original list of robin robin participants and there were thirteen.  Mystery solved!

So this is 14.1.  I think it fits in the series.  Tomorrow is 14.2 and really the end of this round robin! :-)


Matisse - 10 - Jazz Book


jacki long said...

I really like the close-up clowns, and they fit perfectly I think.

jacki long said...

Great video John, thanks for sharing.