Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Clown 6.1 - Round Robin Exchange

Clown 6.1 - Round Robin Exchange

Knowing that an art friend loves bears I had to add one to some of the collages in this series.  There is a balance in this collage that I really like.  Maybe it is the grid-ish-ness of the background.  Maybe it is the circles.  Maybe it is the placement of the images.  Perhaps it is all of the above! :-)  I do love the colors and maybe that is what ties it all together.


Marcel Dzama: Organizing Chaos | Art21 "Extended Play"


Dortesjs said...

ohhh great art you have made here- i love bears to..not clowns so much but i like your art

jacki long said...

Charming and harmonious are the words that
came to me as I studied this beautiful piece.