Saturday, November 10, 2018

52 Pickup No 43

52 Pickup number 43

Somehow number 43 got skipped over in the travels of this artist!  Oops!

I thought I was being so smart when preparing for my trip to Ireland.  Tim and I went to Costco and other stores to find new luggage.  We ended up buying at Costco because it was  a good deal and we got two suitcases for a reasonable price.  Then we purchased another carry on bag.  The problem with buying at a store that is international like Costco is that other people do the same thing.  Even though we bought luggage tags, there were so many like suitcases on the luggage carousel at the airport that now I am going to have to do something to create instant recognition on the suitcases.  Hmm!  I could paint or collage! We shall see.  Any ideas?

Behind the Banksy Stunt

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jacki long said...

A band of color perhaps? Like the background of #43?
I think you backgrounds are stellar!

amy of studio four corners said...

I have a bright green ribbon tied on the handle - easy to spot on the carousel!

Brian Kasstle said...

John, working for an airlne my recommedatiion is to collage or paint something actually on the suitcase. Large tags get broken off very easily. Just think the larger the tag hanging off the eseier to get broken or torn off. I would just paint a large area of your suitcase a bright color. A year or so ago Ed had a suitcase broken by the airline. He got $$ for a replacement and bought a "mauve" suit case, he came home with a pink suitcase. It is actually a blessing in disguise. It is very easy to spot. It's just so big.

Having traveled a LOT for an airlne and for pleasure. I try to very seldom check a bag. We try to pack/travel light and buy clothes you can mix and wear a few times and to stay at places with laundry. When we do check a bag I try to not pack stuff that would get opened by the TSA. Remember if the TSA can't see through something they have to check it. liquids. Metal, etc. We recently did Hawaii with two carry ons. Any art stuff I try to just pack it in a checked bag. I NEVER check my journals. They always go with me. I am now actaully in search for a tote bag to carry on, my coach messenger bag is way too flimsy to carry my laptop.

julia said...

John, how about an old, favorite, weird T-shirt?..something you will recognize. Something stretchy. Cut a 10x1 inch ribbon for each suitcase and double-knot it to the handle....because it is stretchy, it won’t come undone..and you’ll recognize your own stuff!