Wednesday, November 7, 2018

52 Pickup 45

52 Pickup 45
Raining here again in Dublin.  It is my last full day and I am kind of waiting the rain out as it is suppose to lessen this afternoon.  I went to the National Gallery of Art yesterday and saw some great art.  One sculpture caught my attention.  It is by Joseph Walsh.

He got his start at 16 and was well on his way to be recognized by 19.  He has shown in NYC.   I sat in front of this piece in the museum for quite some time.  Then I went back again after exploring the rest of the galleries.



jacki long said...

Enjoyed #45 ad a whimsical,feel good.
You/re do good at that.
What a magical trip you have had, ideal I think!

julia said...

WHAT an incredible piece of sculpture, john! Is it wood? And was it made from one piece? I wonder how he did it?
And here you are on day 45 of 52 pick-up. Your 3 adventures are almost over....isn’t it surpising how our lives are flying by?
Safe travels home!