Friday, November 2, 2018

52 Pickup 36

52 Pickup 36
I fell this morning moving out of the house that I have been in.  There were three gradual steps out of the house with black boot scraping mats on top of wood.  It was raining and the mat went right out from under me.  I landed with my toes and right knee under my butt with my toes bent back and the suitcase was on top of me!  I was sure I was hurt but thank goodness nothing but the scare.  I did not know what I would have done as my phone was still in the house.

I tried some videos of places along the Dingle Peninsula.  Totally amazing scenery....


1. Meet in the Middle - Douglas Paulson and Christopher Robbins | The Art Assignment


jacki long said...

Ohhh, so glad you are okay! ould have been bad, but wasn't! ;o)
The scenery is beautiful. I guessing it's cool, cold?

julia said...

Oh john!! I am sorry to hear that. I am trying to visualize your final contortion as you came to a stop! That sounds painful, and i suspect that tomorrow you will feel it all over. Take care! The scenery is stunning! Thank you for these windows into your life right now

Seth said...

Glad all is well. Continues safe travels.