Sunday, November 25, 2018

52 Pickup 62

52 Pickup 62

I love the color choices in number 62.....

I redid 52 Pickup 60....remember the elephant that I felt needed something.  Here is the first one and the redo......

What is your opinion?


Skateboard Ramp Design: Is It Art?


jacki long said...

I like #62 a lot, the slight angle of the test is perfct & the colors.
I do like the new elephant, looks like that space was waiting for that bird? ;o)

Robert said...

Love the color of the car in #62 and the way the flat mint green of the car contrasts with the tdxtured background.

The bird in #60 certainly creates a focal point that the first version didn’t have. The bird creates visual interest AND the redo tells a very different story than the first version.

anonymous said...

Funny - I thought a tiny bird on the tusk as the elephant seems to be squinting down! Looks more complete now anyway.

tgarrett said...

Of course I love the bird!