Monday, November 5, 2018

52 Pickup 42

52 Pickup 42
I love the rosy cheeks in this piece.  The vintage image that I found for number 42 was in pieces.  It is like one of those articulated paper dolls that needs brads for movement.

Today is moving day.  I leave the countryside and move into a hotel in Dublin.  I fly home on Thursday afternoon.  I must say the three week trip flew by and I have loved every minute of Ireland. Now I have one last adventure and that is to explore Dublin.

Here is what it was like driving yesterday over Sally Gap in the Wicklow Mountains south of Dublin!
Yes, I did drive into the clouds and that was just not all that much fun let me tell you!


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jacki long said...

You are surly having the best trip. I look forward to hearing about Dublin!
The video was excellent too.