Friday, November 16, 2018

52 Pickup 53

52 Pickup 53

Don't you just want this guy to 'say cheese' so that his expression changes?

It feels good to be back working on my art since my trip.  I have had to ease back into it as I just did not have the energy.  I guess that was jet lag.  Life does go on and household duties claimed some of my time.  I made four trips to the Goodwill with stuff from the garage.  I put some things out on the busy street near my cul de sac with a free sign and within minutes they had disappeared.  I like that someone will get use out of those old pieces of furniture.  I am working on two pieces for the NW Collage Society show coming up.  The deadline is November 30.  So I have to get busy and finish the pieces in the next two weeks.


How To Draw The Scream By Edvard Munch

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jacki long said...

Glad you're feeling at home again, there is a let down/settle down period I think after such a big trip.I so like your series. If I ever get to it, I think I would like to use your idea and collage a deck of cards on one side, with the intent of them being used? Probably never get to it, but I like the idea. ;o)