Wednesday, November 28, 2018

52 Pickup 65

52 Pickup 65
I think the bushel must contain potatoes but I was hoping they were apples.  I saw an apple pie at Costco that looked to be scrumptious.  So apples are on the brain right now! :-)  On second thought they must be apples because who would be preparing this many potatoes at one sitting.  Hmm!


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Bea said...


Jacki Long said...

I agree with Bea, potatoes. Maybe a big batch of potato salad for the church social?
I love your Ireland photos, they are exactly the images of Ireland that I store in my brain.

Catherine R said...

Look like choc chip cookies to me!!! If potatoes, why is she passing over one she hasn't peeled yet? Fascinating what an image can provoke.