Friday, August 10, 2018

Emorywood Road

Emorywood Road
This is the last piece in this series of eight.  I really enjoyed doing this book using old letters found at a garage sale.  I am fresh out of old letters now with the exception of the ones that my father wrote to his mother during WWII.  They are redacted.  I have to decide if I am going to use them or not.  I am thinking I will since what will happen to them after I have passed?  A recycled center or a landfill?  I might as well put them to use.

Better Know the Mona Lisa | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios


jacki long said...

A great series John!
I so look forward to your posts!

Cate Rose said...

I love this one especially. I got another 2 boxes of old letters at the flea market last weekend. Planning to start selling some.

anonymous said...

I have been going through about 40 years' worth of letters from before computers. They are so marvellous but too personal to 'leave behind' even tho' most of the writers are dead. However your war letters are at one remove and further back so, with the embargo'd bits etc., I think you should make full use of them as so much part of an era. Or maybe a war museum would put them in an archive? Don't bin them without doing something! Keep us posted!