Friday, August 24, 2018

Elephant Slip Knot Binding Journal -08

Elephant Slip Knot Binding Journal -08

Elephant Slip Knot Binding Cover

08 is the last of this series and I finally got the cover scanned so that is show here at the end as well.  Since I love this binding for its ease and how it allows for the pages to turn and remain flat I started another journal yesterday which I hope to bind today.

More with Lauren Zoll.....

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Nefelibata said...

is that what's called postal art?

Cate Rose said...

Would love to see the binding on this book. I can't quite imagine it.

john said...

Postal art is creating something to mail to someone else. So if I mailed any of these pieces to someone else then yes, it could be postal art. I imagine one could stretch the definition for using already mailed letters and turning them into art as postal art. The only difference I see is that I am not re-mailing my work as they are bound in a book.