Sunday, August 26, 2018

Belly Band Journal/3 Element Collage - 02

3 Element Collage 02
I suppose I could have created collages that would sit next to one another with some sort of theme in mind.  They are diverse with the exception that they each have three elements.  It does not bother me that they are seemingly divisive.  I imagine we could debate whether or not that is true.  For instance, both have numbers; both have females; both have red.

What I know that is absolute is that I created all of the collages from materials close at hand, just off the table I was working on, and I finished all twelve collages in one hour actually fifty-seven minutes.


Art or Prank? | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

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jacki long said...

I love the simplicity and the means to this end is extremely appealing!