Sunday, August 19, 2018

Elephant Slip Knot Binding Journal -03

Elephant Slip Knot Binding Journal -03

Two wonderful things happened in the same day at the end of last week.  I found out that someone bought a piece of art of mine from the show in New Zealand that I am in.  I also got an award for a collage that I did.  The piece has been shown here....it is called Obsolete.  I am kind of on a cloud right now.

Fruit Paid (sold)

Obsolete (Peggy Tuttle Memorial Award)

I am doing something a bit new in this series.  You have probably noticed that I use graphite around each of the photographs in my collages.  In addition to that I am also adding a bit of ephemera over the collaged photo.  In this case you will notice that the elephant's trunk on the lower left edge of the photo.


Present Perimeter - Jonathan Nesci | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios


Bea said...


Cate Rose said...

Congrats on both, that's excellent news!

jacki long said...

Congratulations, both are terrific.
I love the graphite & the overlay too.

anonymous said...

Well done for your good news, John. Nice to be recognised!

Karin Bartimole said...

Congratulations on your accomplishments, and I love these pages in the slip knot book - the collages and stitching with the envelopes creates great texture and interest. Well done!