Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Elephant Slip Knot Binding Journal -06

Elephant Slip Knot Binding Journal -06

This past Sunday I went to B.C., Canada to take a one day 52 Pickup workshop with Seth Apter.  What fun!  I had a blast and came home with 52 playing cards ready with backgrounds for the next step, collage.  That is 52 plus 1 times 2 collages to do, 106 collages total.  That is a record for me.....106 projects waiting to be completed! It is my goal to have them all done prior to my trips in October and November.  Seth suggested that we do one each week for a year.  I like that goal but then I thought about blogging and if I were to complete all 106 I might have enough entries for each day of the rest of the 2018.  I already have 27 entries lined up and some others I have scanned but have not posted to the line up.  I best get busy!


Off: Highlights 8 | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

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jacki long said...

I studied this one for awhile, loving all the details.
I think you have found a magic recipe?