Thursday, August 30, 2018

Belly Band Journal/3 Element Collage - 06

3 Element Collage 06
These two collages came together rather quickly during the just less than an hour production time for all the 3 element collages in this journal.  The mail arrived and there was a wonderful surprise for me.  Jacki Long had sent me an envelope with her July 6 x 6 collage that not only had the two-sided collages but extra ephemera.  In her message to me she had included the word RUSH.  It had to go right into the collage that I was working on.  It was meant to be.


HERETHERE - Jon Rubin | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

1 comment:

jacki long said...

Thanks John, I love that being a little part of your work.
I am thinking these 3 element collages, may be my favorite.