Sunday, May 13, 2018


This is one of my favorites from the workshop on Whidbey.  The man and boy came from a vintage book that had short stories all about Boy Scouts.  The split photograph came from a stack I got from my mother’s estate.  It is a photo taken around 1948 in the house where I grew up in Kent, Washington.  I think the actual bed/cot was used by my brother when my family first moved into the house.  I like that I came up with the idea of splitting it.


Jeff Koons: Money & Value | Art21 "Exclusive"


jacki long said...

I really love this John! So cool!
The figures are great as is the 3-D feeling
and your expertise in combining photos! Bravo!

tgarrett said...

This one is so fine John- as I have said I like all tour work- this one is a stand out. I agree with Jacki that the figures make the depth so deep!

Robert said...

Love the layering here, John! The binding of the book cover creating the separation of the two images in this piece is sheer genius!