Tuesday, May 8, 2018


One of our tasks in last week's workshop was to create a collage using the strata technique.  The strata layers can be either vertical or horizontal.  While working on my collages Melinda Tidwell noticed that I tend to place a large focal point to the right side of the substrate.  Hence, this focal point is moved left.  I particularly like how the lean of the man helps with movement in this piece.

You might have to enlarge the piece to see the word "Of".

Yesterday I was asked if we took book covers with us or what when we took the workshop with Melinda Tidwell.  Yes, we were tasked with bringing both paperback and hardback books.


Bruce Nauman: "Poke in the Eye/Nose/Ear" | "Exclusive" | Art21

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jacki long said...

Since I always enlarge and study, I easily found "of".
I think this is really a handsome piece John.
Tidwell influence, but all you!