Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Radio Music

Radio Music

This is one of my least favorites of my work last week. We were charged with doing a quad.  I happened to have a piece of paper that already was in that shape.  It is too predictable using the preexisting quad.  So if I were to cut each up, the individual four collages would be so much better.

Quads are hard to do.  I have others that are more successful later on......

another Catherine Opie video....

Catherine Opie: Cleveland Clinic | "Exclusive" | Art21


Jacki Long said...

I guess I agree with the individual four being stronger,
but the original made me study the parts more?
I so look forward to your post each day! ♥

Catherine R said...

I wondered if you hadn't let the dividing lines show for the original piece whether it would have been more satisfying. I presume the task told you to make each quarter different? And perhaps you were directed to show the dividing lines anyway.