Monday, May 14, 2018

Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese

I particularly like how this piece turned out.  It was quite the discussion during critiquing time in the Melinda Tidwell workshop.  One of the most valuable portion of this workshop was when each day we put up two or three pieces of work to have the group evaluate.  Usually Melinda went first.  She would say what she really liked about each piece and then she would zero in on something that she felt was not quite right.  The orange "rising sun" bothered her until she tore a piece of paper that looks sort of like a cloud and held it to the piece.  Voila!  It is just what was needed!  


Tokar Art 21 Woodturning - Little Sunday Game


jacki long said...

Voila indeed! I love it! ;o)

Robert said...

I can certainly see how without the torn cloud shape added here that the orange “rising sun” would have overpowered the rest of the elements in this piece. With the cloud shape the orange circle becomes a wonderful focal point that allows the viewer’s eye to wander around the rest of the piece enjoying the entire composition.