Friday, May 11, 2018

One Hundred Minus Ninety-six Equals Four

One Hundred Minus Ninety-six Equals Four

I had a great time making this one.  One method of creating collage is to create a grid.  So we were tasked with that in the Melinda Tidwell workshop.  Melinda suggested that I scan this with a high resolution and then have it printed giclee.  I think I will.

The background is collaged Japanese ledger papers.  The individual pieces in the grid part are sanded paperback book covers.  During our class critic I mentioned that I thought the collage looked dirty from a distance.  It does not close up.  So I wonder what will happen once it is blown up.  Melinda suggested that I might want to play around with it in Photoshop and see what happens.  Stay tuned.


WOLFGANG LAIB, Pollen from Hazelnut


Jacki Long said...

I love this one!Perfect!
Missed your stMP, BUT STILL PERFECT! ;O)

Bea said...

Very nice...

Brian Kasstle said...

These are really marvelous John!

Connie Rose said...

I love this collage!