Saturday, November 12, 2016

Uncle and Auntie

Uncle and Auntie

Don't they make a dapper couple.  Helen and Les were actually my aunt and uncle.  We spent a great deal of time with them when I was a kid.  They had three girls, one who was a year younger than me. Helen and Les are late now.  I found their home in Portland where they once lived and where I spent time visiting.  Funny how I was able to find it, too.  I knew that it was near Mount Tabor and on a busy street.  One afternoon we searched for it and found it.  It sure looks different now, much smaller than I remember and less well cared for.

You might have noticed I used the word late above for dead.  I have read all the #1 Ladies Detective series that takes place in Botswana.  In the book the word late is referenced to someone who has passed.  I like that term for referring to the dead.


jacki long said...

Great composition John!
Another thing in common, I have read all but the newest #1 Detective Agency books Bra, and the new one awaits!

Claudia MB said...

The abstract geometric backgrounds make me think your aunt and uncle were fun, jazzy folks.