Monday, November 21, 2016

Road Trip

 Road Trip

This is my first piece that I am submitting to be juried into the Cascadia Art Museum Collage Society Show beginning in January.  The theme for this show was to take one or more artists from the NW School....  Kenneth Callahan, Pieter Van Dalen, Fay Chong, Yvonne Twining Humber, Abe Blashko, Anne Kutka McCosh, Irwin Caplan, David McCosh  .... and to create up to three works for submission.

I chose Fay Chong for my inspiration as his work has many architectural features which as you know are speaking to me at the moment.


Claudia MB said...

Very cool! I wasn't familiar with Fay Wong so I looked him up on Wikipedia. He got our grey Northwest skies just right.

jacki long said...

Great, I am sure Fay Chong would have approved.
I love how the shapes meet & marry. Bravo.