Friday, November 25, 2016

Graffiti Series #2

Graffiti Series # 2

Gesso was used for the first layer for each of the works in the Graffiti Series.  Gesso absorbs paint well and gives plenty of texture.  It also is a great step at starting if one does not know where one is going with a particular art piece at the beginning.  If you do a search on Pinterest for texture you will find several examples of how to use gesso.

I did not name each individual piece in this series like I normally do instead chose to be more general.  However, if I were to name this piece I think I would call it Stern.  Somehow I think the man's face on the stamp registers disapproval for something.  Perhaps he thinks the bathing costume is too suggestive.  Ha!  Give it time and fast forward to the 21st Century and one will find that the above bathing attire is modest!

Who do you think the little girl in the photo represents?


Eric said...

I really love this new series !

Elizabeth said...

Actually John for me the little girl is looking at the "stem" the beauty she aspires to. The disapproving man seems to me to be the patriarch of which we are experiencing a lot of in our lives right now and expresses disapproval of anything which doesn't meet his standards.


tgarrett said...

I am really drawn to these newest pieces John. The backgrounds and the focal point pieces all work so well together- wonderful.

jacki long said...

Freedom & restrain, in varying degrees.
I love the color, the mixture and the interaction.
Another great series.

btw: Google has reorganized & I have now to really work to get to my "reading list" which before was a matter of opening pre-selected file. So, I am behind and catching up this Sunday Morning, a week behind! ;op As always, I liked the old way! ;o)