Sunday, November 27, 2016

Graffiti Series #4

Graffiti Series #4

Tissue paper can be both a transparent or an opaque layer.  In each of the 24 collages in this series I used polka dot tissue paper.  Mostly this tissue paper was opaque but in some places semi-transparent only where the white dots appear.  I frequently print images on tissue paper to use in a collage. Disguising edges of said tissue becomes a goal of mine.  Having ragged edges helps.  It is easy to make ragged edges when you paint water on the tissue and then tear or pull the watered edge away.


Cate Rose said...

Another great one. Love that old photo, and the fish. What is it about fish?!

Bea said...

Not sure what it is abt fish but I too love anything with fish n ...

jacki long said...

Besides the exquisite storytelling of your work,
I think we feel like we've been let inside of the story?
And yes I agree with Connie & Bea, there is something about fish!
Maybe primordial appeal?
btw: it reminded me to go feed your fish, but they were on vacation? ;o)

tgarrett said...

wonderful piece John.